Art Stuff
My Fine Art website - from photo realistic to the more abstract
My abstract artwork on the Saatchi Gallery website
My Saatchi illustration portfolio
My CG Society Portfolio - View larger versions of my work as well as personal info and blog
My Imagine FX portfolio - Larger online gallery pieces and info
ConceptArt.Org - Forums for digital artists
The Gnomon Workshop - Tutorials and inspiration for digital artists in the entertainment industries

Film Stuff
Dreamy Doodles A short film I made from start to finish in one day about things that matter to me
Industrial Light and Magic and their latest projects
Great Blade Runner interview with Ridley scott
IMDB for any info on films past, present or future

Game Stuff
Gamespot is a good online games review site with all the latest cool stuff for all platforms
A brilliant flash game called Samorost
Another great little flash game called Quest for the Rest from the Polyphonic Spree

Background Stuff
My LinkedIn Profile
BT R&D - Home of BT Innovation, R&D, and once me
Ian Pearson - Homepage of one of the world's leading futurologists
The John Makepeace Furniture Studio - Where I became designer to sculptural furniture
  icon Sir John Makepeace

My Music Stuff
Check out my songs on myspace - a loopy mix of acoustic, folky rock...ooOO!