I've been doodling and painting since I could walk and working as a Concept Artist and
Graphic Designer for the last 7 years.

I work as a small but explosive think tank; designing for dreamers, inventing for adventurers or
for those who wish to challenge convention.

I love my sketchbook, pencil, marker and paintbrush, but increasingly I design through digital
painting using a digital pen. You can't beat nature for design and I take oodles of inspiration
from organic form and my surroundings. I enjoy photographing the great outdoors and paint
mainly abstract canvas's to relax.

I love walking or biking by the sea or somewhere beautiful which helps reset my switch and
I like to think this helps my work come alive. At least that is my excuse and it is a welcome
respite from pixel pushing or shooting aliens. I like to remind myself that there is life beyond my
Wacom, although sometimes this is hard to believe, especially when there aren't any goblins
out there, but at least they are always here to come home to.

I am a huge sfx film, games and sfx literature nerd and I am often to be found immersed in one
of these. My dream is to make my own film one day so watch this space!

For a bit of light with my shade, I sometimes moonlight as a singer/songwriter which is good
fun and keeps me out of mischief...mostly.