This space is a porthole into my world, of visions of the future, other worlds and possibilities.
My gallery shows a varied shot of work, including digital concept art for film and games,
illustration, design and abstract art.

I am a freelance concept artist, but consider myself a designer first and foremost. You can
be the best artist or painter in the world but I don't believe this makes a good designer. My
work aims to marry both.

I like to think a good designer should be able to apply their skill to any challenge, from terrestrial
toasters to alien spacecraft and if they have a good eye, should be able to paint with oils or
digitally. This diversity is reflected in my background, design skills and mediums used.

My passion is to provide unique, inspiring and high quality solutions to any brief, easily
identifying and quickly understanding client's aims. If you are interested in any of my work
please get in touch.

Services include:
+ Initial Concept Design Sketches to Storyboarding + Vehicle and Hardware Design
+ Pre-visualisation+ Costume Design
+ Digital Painting+ Product and Furniture Design
+ Character and Creature Design+ Art Direction and Design Management
+ Environment and Set Design+ Web, UI and graphics design
+ Illustration - Books, CD/Record Artwork, Card Design+ Fine Art